Hooking, Canning and Morning Glories

30 07 2012


Every day there are more and more morning glories.   I think after 14 years of living here I have finally found the right spot for them.

The barn is going to be cleaned today and I am planning on working on the chicken caravan on the side yard.  I will take a photo of it when it is complete.   I just love it.  My friend Lynn her husband and I made it before I first got chickens.  She has a wonderful large house on wheel which she moves around and I wanted one that I could move around but I didn’t have the space to have one as large as she had.  I looked at Greenfield Farmers Co-op and they had this heavy-duty wagon with very sturdy wheels  and the metal is like mesh but stronger.  It worked perfectly for 5 or 6 hens but I have 7 hens that need to go into it so I am redoing it and adding a nest box on the outside back of it.  The wagon has a handle and can be moved.  I painted it bright yellow with a green tree on the door.  I hope to get the gals in the back of the barn in there soon.

The Girls from Canada
Louise and Marie Jose

HookingLouise and Marie Jose are sisters.  Louise is a wonderful hooker having just finished a portrait she found of a relative.  It looks exactly like the picture of him.  Her sister is an excellent knitter and is knitting from some very old patterns.  Look at the rabbit hat, I am encouraging her to sell the patterns.  I would love to make that hat.  We certainly don’t want to lose these wonderful old patterns.  I only see Louise at the summer event.  We have lunches and suppers together to catch up on each others lives and we do e-mail during the year. CanningToday I am going to start making Chopped Suey Pickles.   I have been making this recipe for over 35 years.  It’s a two-day process but it really doesn’t take a great deal of time.   Yesterday I picked about 12 cukes of assorted sizes and one purple pepper.  I will have to buy 5 more colored peppers today.  I will slice the cukes thin and peppers and onions and sprinkle them with salt and add enough cold water to cover them and let them sit overnight.  I will include the recipe tomorrow and also pictures.  These are delightful in the winter and have a tangy taste.

Wonderful Useful Wooden Box

These last few pictures are of the dyeing which was done at the hook-in.  The colors are wonderful.  I spotted this wonderful wooden box  and fell in love with it.  Great for hooking items, now I am looking for a couple and will stop at my favorite antique shop, STRAWBERRY FIELDS and see if she has any.

These last few pictures were taken at the hook-in.  The dyed wool is beautiful.  A lady at the hook-in had this wonderful wooden box.  I just love it, so suitable for project and very portable.  I will be on the look out for these at my local antique store, Strawberry Fields. Happy Day to You



2 responses

4 08 2012

I wish I was your neighbor in the country, Carol. All you do looks so interesting!!!

4 08 2012

Many thanks for the kind comments Louise. Its a busy fun life, I wish I was your neighbor too

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