Rug Hooking Weekend

29 07 2012


I am back from the hooking event.  A wonderful time was had by all.  I worked on two projects while I was there and have included the pictures below.

Blueberry Jars

Nubble Light House
Camp WOol Pattern


Nubble Light House
A Camp WOol Pattern

The Blueberry Jars rug was started in Nova Scotia at a class held by Deanne Fitzpatrick.  The class was about stories and each member of the class

got up and told the story they wanted to hook.  What wonderful stories were told.  I wanted to make a rug with my Mom and Dad and myself in

from of our home.  Deanne asked what kinds of things did you do with your family.  One of my favorite things we did was to go blueberry picking at my Uncle Homer’s farm in Chesterfield, Ma.    There might have been 20 of us picking berries on a sunny July Sunday.  My Grandfather, Aunts and Uncles and cousins and of course my parents and myself.   We would tie buckets around our waists and off we would go.  At noontime there would be a wonderful lunch spread on tablecloths laid on the ground.  Off we would go again.  We brought the berries home and my Mom would go through them and pick out the twigs and leaves and then can them.  They were put on shelves in the cellar till the winter winds blew and I would be sent down to the cellar where the wonderful blue jars would be sitting on the shelf and soon the smell of freshly baked blueberry pie would be floating through the air. So that’s how the Blueberry Jar rug came to be.  By the way the caps are walmart bags!!!!  I really couldn’t find anything else that would work.

The lighthouse pattern came from Camp WOol over a year ago.  I am using handspun yarn, wool strips, roving and fleece. I am planning to do the ocean next and hope to get this done by fall.  This rug will go to my oldest daughter Cindy.  Nubble Light House is one of her favorite places.  I plan to do a rug for my son David of his dog and cat and a rug for my youngest daughter, Elizabeth which will be of her horse.  These things all take time but are so enjoyable.

NO SHEARING TODAY.  Marley, the little imp was wet so we hope to do it next weekend.

If you ever get to Nova Scotia please stop in Deanne’s shop, its wonderful and inspiring. She also has a wonderful website and Blog.  I hope to take another class from her soon.  And Camp WOol is in Kennebunk, Maine.  The store is full of woolen projects and a vacation destination.  Every year in the spring she holds what is called Camp WOol.  A retreat for hookers, it’s so much fun.

More tomorrow about the hook-in.






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