27 07 2012







Today was a great day.  There are tables at the hook-in where people can put out things for sale.  I went over and found a beautiful oldish rug for $20.  What  a find.

It just so happened that Janet Connor was giving a talk on antiques rugs , repairing them and their value.  The rugs she showed were wonderful and her repairs were impeccable.  Some rugs were really old.  The designs are still sought after today.  SHe looked at the rug I bought and said that it was in good shape and need only minor repairs.  She valued it at $150.

My friend Debbie and I gave talks today.  I gave one on hooking with fleece and roving and Deb gave one on punch hooking with rug yarn.  They both went well.

Today I  have been working today on My blueberry jar rug which I started at Deanne Fitzpatrick’s workshop last October in Nova Scotia.  I will include a picture tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will work on the Nubble Light House picture which got at last years Camp Wool.

We had rain here all night but a home hardly had any.  Off to get some blue wool for tomorrows project.

Good  Day to You



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