Making Sauce and Mrs. Brown

26 07 2012

Quick Sauce

Quick tomato sauce

I make this sauce all summer and freeze it.  Sometime I cook it on the stove but the easier way is to do it is in the crock pot.  You can make the sauce into spaghetti sauce or add it to stews or soups.  I started with onions. peppers and garlic from the garden added some fresh basil and a leaf from the rosemary plant and a bay leaf from the small bay tree that I have.  Simmer those and add the skinned tomatoes and cooked for about 10 minutes.  Then into containers to enjoy when winter’s chill is in the air.

Brandywine Tomatoes

The tomatoes were at least 1/2 a pound each,  I boiled them to release the skins      The ride up to New Hampshire was wonderful.  I was on Route 91 all the way and I have to say driving though Vermont is my favorite drive.  The mountains covered with mist and deep valleys and covered bridges along side the highway who could ask for better scenery.  Tomorrow I post pictures of the event.  I am giving a demo on hooking with fleece, roving and yarn.

 I took this photo of Mrs. Brown last night.  Occasionally she will sleep in the nest box.   This is one of the new plastic nest boxes and it is high up.  She feels safe and secure there.  She is a Mile Flur banty.  Very sweet and talkative.  She lays a small egg almost every day.

Happy day to you



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