The Garden and Hester won the coveted spot tonight!

23 07 2012


I am back from sunny Florida and thankful that it’s a bit cooler here.  I was astonished at the dryness of everything.  We really need a couple of days of nice, soft rain.

  I still have to stake up a lot of the tomatoes, I really didn’t have the time before I left.  I decided to pick a couple of the Brandywine to let ripen indoors and saw the small peppers.  They will be good in a salad.  Those are the rest of the peas although there are still flowers on the plants.

My tomatoes and peppers, garlic and some onions are on the hill in back of the house.  It’s where I have been throwing the barn cleanings for years.  The soil is rich and  covered with a thick mulch of hay and manure.  I will have lots of cucumbers this year and the salad greens need to be cut.  I am disappointed in the string beans and won’t have much of a crop.  Oh well there is next year.




Hester is sitting smugly in the nest box tonight.  Marigold and Helen will try harder tomorrow night..                                                                                      

Happy Day To You



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