20 07 2012


It’s a beautiful morning in FLorida.   The lemon and orange trees are loaded with fruit.  It is going to be in the high 90’s today so Chris and I are headed for the beach this morning.


GMO’s are a big issue.  It is quite interesting that food having these in them do not have to be labeled.  There is a grass root effort to get the government to do this.   Please petition the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today at  We need to know what we are eating and feeding our children.


Hooked Rug Storytelling – The art of Heather Ritchie by Lesley Mary Close

Heather Ritchie is a remarkable woman.  I had the pleasure of taking some classes with her.  They were the best, she was so generous with her supplies, time and talent.  We laughed and laughed and learned so much.  Her rugs are mostly about her life, where she grew up, places she has lived and been and people she knows.  Each one a treasure.  This book has so many rugs in it showing different techniques, dyeing of the wool and yarns, proddy techniques.  You will learn a lot from the book both in rug hooking techniques and about the wonderful woman.

In 2007 Heather started Rug Aid which is a program which helps blind African woman to be able to support themselves with rug hooking.  SHe has a website which I believe is called Rug Aid.  Check it out.

Amelia and Charlotte

There are lots of old wood around the farm.  I love putting it in with the hens  In a weeks time there won’t be much left of this log.  They enjoy trying to find insects.  I have my retired hens in the front of the house.  Every year I had flying ants, I am not sure if they we carpenter ants or termites but since I have had the chickens there I don’t have the flying creatures anymore.  Another gift from the girls.                                                                                 Happy Day To You



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