Peas and Old CLothes

18 07 2012


Before I left for FLorida I picked some of the peas.  I haven’t planted peas since I was a child.  It’s interesting growing them and I will have enough for adding to soups during the winter.  Still lots more to pick when I return.

Old Clothes

This winter I am planning to weave lots of rugs.  On every trip to Florida I bring clothes that I can no longer wear or donate to Salvation Army and cut  them  up to go into rugs.  I just can’t stand the thoughts of these clothes going into a land fill for years and years.  I plan to dye all the light-colored rags with black walnut hulls to give the rugs a primitive look.  I have made some great, long-lasting rugs out of old jeans that I have cut up.  What do you do with your old clothing?





Side Herb Garden

  An old metal bed post and some boards made a sweet herb garden.  I was quite surprised how many herbs and some flowers I was able to plant in there.  I planted morning glories on the head-board.  The few plants of basil have kept the dehydrator busy.  Its compact and easy to take care and pick from.  This fall I will add some layers of hay with some manure in it around the plants with a layer of hay on top.  I have  4 strawberry plants in there which produced some large berries, unfortunately someone else enjoyed them!












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