Rain and things

14 07 2012


This morning it’s finally raining.  Today was the day I was going to get the soaker hose out and water the garden.  I rarely water the garden as I use the deep mulch method and the ground is rarely dry.

I have been using this method since the early 80’s to garden.  After reading Ruth Stouts book on it,  In one year I made wonderful, black garden soil out of gravel.  It’s just continuous mulching.  At that time I was using stall floor cleanings from horses and sheep.  I had a garden 40 feet by 100 feet and had wonderful crops.  Every time a weed came up I would cover it with more mulch.  Having animals surely helped with the mulch supply.  In fact I always had more mulch than garden space.

Every place I have moved I have continued this practice.  Even if you don’t have animals you can buy mulch hay quite reasonable and sometimes in the fall you can get it free from farmers.  Leaves are another good source.  Sometimes I lay down pieces of cardboard to stop weed growth and lay down mulch on top of that.


This was an egg that was laid in the nest yesterday.  It’s a perfect eggs with no shell.  These kinds of things happen every so often.  Every day I get an odd shaped eggs, something not quite normal and couldn’t be sold by a large egg farmer.  Some are oblong, some have extra calcium on them its all so interesting.

Morning Glories

I just love morning glories don’ you?  I have been planting them since I was a child.  This year the vines are very large.  Do  you have them in your garden?

Has anyone seen any Luna Moths this year?

Happy day to you



One response

14 07 2012

No rain yet for us…maybe tomorrow. I would love to know more about your mulching technique…I seem to be always watering! What was the name of the book you read?…seems it is a must read for me. Thanks Carole. Patti
Ps love your pictures.

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