Permaculture -Sheep, Chickens and Blackberries

10 07 2012

It's BedtimeSadie    Hello,

BlackberriesIt’s another beautiful day on the farm.  The weather is perfect although we do need some rain .

The picture of the hens was last night as they were getting ready for bed.  Each one has her spot and they take turns  sleeping in the nest box..  These wonderful hens have lived at the farm for over two years laying between 5 and 7 eggs a day since they came.

The Blackberries are ripening and this year I think that I have managed to keep them away from Elliott the llama and the sheep.  I hope that I can harvest all the crop and put them in the freezer for winter enjoyment.

Sadie has just had her breakfast and enjoys some quiet time while the rest of the herd is eating their hay.  About a month ago I noticed that she was having some problem eating the coarse hay that I had, so I bought some Denji and mixing that with her grain and carrots she is doing well.  She does eat some hay every day but only the fine hay.

Last night I started spinning Wilbur’s first fleece.  I found it in the barn earlier this summer, brought it down and washed it.  It spins like gold. Wilbur was a very shy, large sheep.  He was sort of a rescue and belonged to my Shearer, Steve Marcotte.  Steve brought him to the Heath Fair to demonstrate shearing.  The fleece was so soft and then Steve said that he was bringing him to market the next day.  I couldn’t let that happen so I bought him.  He was never very friendly but his wool was wonderful and I sent it out and had it made into yarn. Now many people are enjoying Wilbur yarn.  Sadly he passed away this past winter only living 9 years.  We at the farm miss him.   I bought a jacket pattern from Peace FLeece which I think will be perfect for the yarn.  I am spinning it worsted weight.

If  you are in the area come to the Heath Fair, it is in August and they have a Web site.  Its a wonderful country fair and every year a group of us spin there.  I will be there on Saturday come visit.  I will post the date soon.

I picked basil and will be drying that today.  It is growing like weeds.  All the manure that I have put on the hill  has really paid off.  This winter I would like to have a manure pile somewhere easy to get to and then spread it in the spring.

Happy day to you




3 responses

10 07 2012
Patti Emerson

Great pictures Carole. Your girls are beautiful! I have heard that the Heath Fair is charming. I will try to come. Your farm sounds so delightful. Can’t wait to visit. Patti

10 07 2012

Thanks for the kind comments, I am working out the kinks. Hope you will come to the fair Its a wonderful country fair. I have been spinning there off and on since the early 90’s and look forward to it every year, The library has a tent and offers many wonderful books for 50 cents and a dollar or two. I usually take a shopping bag full home.

11 07 2012

Oh, Wilbur! I LOVE his fleece- his wool lives on! The pictures are gorgeous. Bet all the girls are asleep now! Thanks for the postings!

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