8 07 2012

Today was a quiet day on the farm.  I spent a good part of the day finishing some spinning for my friend Ann.

She wants to make socks but can’t find any fine wool.  She isn’t expecting the yarn so it will be a surprise.

I am used to spinning worsted weight yarn so this was a challenge.  Its taken me a month to do in my spare time.  I have played it and will set the twist tonight.  It will be ready for her to start socks tomorrow.  I will include my handy, dandy sock pattern just in case she doesn’t have one.

My comfrey, calendula and lavender mix has been sitting in the sun for a month.  If I have enough jars I will make salve this week with pictures of the process.

I follow A Country Life Blog and Collette has a rocket stove.  She made it herself.  I am not good at making things like that so I googled it.  Lo and behold they have some great ones.  Reasonable and rugged.  I think that I am going to invest in one and it will be especially useful for dyeing wool and making dye extracts out of plants.  It just uses small scraps of wood.  How convenient and just in time for out annual dye party which will be held in August.  No more buying those small propane bottles and paying more than I paid for the propane to recycle the containers,  Just go in my backyard and grab a couple of handfuls of sticks.  I will let you know when I get it and show pictures.

I have been cleaning my attic in small bits.  Some of the containers have not been opened since I moved here.  I found some Targhee roving and some yarn and 7 packages of angora fiber than my friend Lenny had lovely put away to spin another day.  Lenny has passed away many years ago but many of her fellow spinners are still enjoying her things.  I have some skeins of yarn that she spun in 1948!!!!  Yes, she labeled everything.

It was a beautiful day here at the farm, a nice breeze and lower temps. 




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