7 07 2012


Dyeing Wool

Yesterday I dyed some rug hooking wool.  I am planning on selling some at the Farm to Fiber show.   More will be dyed this coming week.  Set up for the show is Friday afternoon.



Mable was once my dog.  She came from a litter that Betty had.  She was  a good dog but in a house full of cats it was better for her to live with David.  She is 13 now and has arthritis.  On Saturday afternoon David saw she wasn’t acting herself.  He brought her to the emergency hospital in Deerfield.  SHe had a high fever and was very ill.  SHe came home yesterday and is very happy to be back with her family.


Citrus Cleaner

The boys helped me strain and put the citrus cleaner into containers.  I will try it later today and am going to start some more.


The boys and I are going to dig out the chicken yards today.  They are still fully of snow.  I would love to get them out soon.  We did evaluate the looms upstairs and think we can get them moved downstairs.  I have two looms that I want to sell and want to have them in a place where they are easy to move.  I am going to take a picture of them and will have the picture at the Farm to Fiber show.


Cindy has my Mom comfortable in Canal View Rest Home.  Already there are changes in her.  She wasn’t eating, not conversing, her hair was never taken care of , its funny the things that slip by you when you only visit every couple of months.  But our last visit to the home was a surprise and my Mom looked like a wreck.  She just wasn’t taken care of properly.  Here at Canal View she is bathed every day and today she ate by herself, talked to me on the phone.  I wish we had done this long ago.  She may still come here and live with me, we will evaluate the situation in June sometime. 

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.   Carole



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