6 07 2012

July 6, 2012

Permaculture is a word that I have seen many times but not paid much attention to. On a sleepless night I discovered a wonderful blog called A Life In The Country with Collette as host. It is a wonderful blog full of beautiful pictures and video, very interesting information about her life on that special piece of land. That night I learned that I too was practicing permaculture, and its a work in progress.
I live on the side on a mountain. My first year here I tried to keep the hills mowed with a hand mower. After that year I started planting flowers and roses on the hill and have continued doing this. My whole property has been turned into chicken areas, small gardens, fruit trees and my favorite plants and shrubs.
I am composting all the time, with sheep and chickens there is plenty of it. I am delighted to now have a name to put to what I am doing.
We have had extremely hot weather here, the sheep tend to stay in the barn during the day and sleep out at night with Elliott the llama as their protector from the wilds of the woods in back. The chicken’s have been digging holes in the dirt in which to cool themselves, they have plenty of shade.
Today I am going to work in the garden. The tomatoes are heavy with fruit and have fallen over, so each needs to be staked, I may pull the garlic up and I will get my daily spinning in.
This is my first adventure in blogging so please bear with me through the ups and downs of it.
Happy Day



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