14 08 2017





Freezing sweet corn , drying lemon balm, digging up  garlic,picking tansy and artemisia, waiting for the tomatoes to ripen are some of the things I love about summer.  the house smells of herbs and flowers .


On Saturday my youngest daughter, Betty had to put her beloved horse Beamer down.  He was a beauty who came to her as a young horse from Western Canada.   He was the perfect horse for her.   A registered Morgan who was loved by everyone who met him.   The decisions that we who love our animals more than life itself have to make are never easy, but they have to be made for the animal sake.  Run free Beamer you and Betty will be together again someday.


It all started with a ride to Brattleboro, Vermont to look at appliances.  We didn’t have much luck there but we did see a sign saying doors and window for sale.  This was Deconstruction Works of the former renew store.   We asked about cabinets and he said to follow him on Facebook and so I did  In less than a week he  had cabinets from a home he was working on.    $250. for 6 pieces seemed like a bargain price.  They were a darker maple color and it came with a counter top and sink.


Measurements were taken and they would fit nicely.   I plan to get a new counter top and will have the new/old sink that I bought put in it.  Now they are on the porch awaiting the other things to get done  I really like the idea of reusing and the trip to Newfane, Vermont was delightful.  The house was located on a muddy dirt road with a wonderful field and meadow and beautiful views.  It had a lovely large birch tree close by and a huge stone wall.


Yesterday I went to visit friends and wind a warp.  Charlie and Ken live in a lovely cottage by the side of a babbling brook.

And there are many wonderful gardens.

 Charlie wanted to weave again and I told him about the Structo Loom used by The Springfield Weavers to show people how to weave.  He remembered seeing the group at The Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Fest this year.    A couple of weeks ago he purchased on   eBay and  yesterday I wound a warp for scarves out of mohair boucle.

  There is enough warp to weave 4 or 5 scarves.  Ken made a delightful lunch and Charlie and I spent a delightful afternoon.

Heading to the Heath Fair on Saturday.   Come and visit me at the large tent.  I hope to be spinning.  Many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole






12 08 2017


Very humid and some rain, my ideal weather.  My Roma tomatoes are  doing well, my cukes and pumpkins did not fair well , after two planting i have two cucumbers and a few pumpkins.  It was such a wet spring here that the seeds rotted.  Many of the sweet corn growers had there seeds rot twice and  grew starts and that is why some farms are so late in selling their corn.


The kitchen was a long needed much awaited and dreaded project.  It should have been done the year after i moved in but there were sills,  roofs to replace and the list goes on and on.      The decision was made and the work started  very soon after.  My family and friends have continued to be supportive and helpful in every way.   My son David is the person who started it all.  One of the main reasons for getting this done is that my knee is much worse and at this point I don’t know if another replacement is possible or will work.  So at some point I may be in a wheel chair for part of the time and need things to be workable.

The rat infestation was part of it too, they were eating through the walls and did other damage.  I am happy to say that most of them have packed their bags and the rest will be trapped.  There was hardly any insulation and some of the flooring was rotted because of the bad sink and a leaking pipe which we didn’t know about..  The floor required lots of work for Pat, my neighbor and my house fixer. 

Things will be moved around to make it more workable.  The fridge will be turned around,  having it face the work area will make things so much easier.  The pantry already has and additional door facing the kitchen.  This will make it easier too and I will be able to find things better.  The stove will be moved to the corner  which will make things easier and all the cabinets will have backs and bottoms!!!!!!!!  I will have more storage area and more work area and the kitchen will be more organized.  Yea!!!!

Pat was able to move my Great Grandmothers window and paced it above the new counter facing  pantry door.

This is phase one of the kitchen the second phase will be the wood stove area.  The stove and Goshen Stones which it stands on will have to be moved and a new foundation will have to be built, other cabinets will be removed and at this point I don’t know what else will happen.    Getting through the first part is all I can think about..

Help has come in all forms, from family and friends, thank you all for encouragement and help.

I am recovering from a fall in which I bent my unbendable knee which made me realize even more why this renovation was so needed.

Not being able to find things has been my nemesis these days.  A few days ago I put my car key down and it disappeared.   With only one key It meant that i was grounded.  For those who have never lost a key I am telling you how important it is to not do this.  My car had to be towed to the nearest dodge dealer and this simple key cost 110.  You can either pay the fee or not drive.  There ought to be a aw against this type of gouging.  I really despise the way cars have a hold on us today.  We have to have them but———————-

Many thanks for reading my blog on this lovely summer day.   Carole




4 08 2017


Summer is flying by with all kinds of crazy weather.  Last night we had what seemed like hours of terrible thunderstorms and torrential rains.  Some areas had a slight frost in July.   We now have to become accustomed to global warming effects.


The towel is old and tattered but I could not throw it away.  I used it as a teenager, my kids used it and my grandchildren used it.   I am planning on cutting it into strips and making a small bath mat.    I do love repurposing things


About 4 years ago I ordered three Hazelnut trees.  I planted one at the edge of the side yard chicken area and it grew.  I  had forgotten where the others were and still can’t find them.  I thought I would have to buy another pollinator tree.  I do love the tree its shape is perfect and its a  manageable size.  Walking by it the other day I spotted something unfamiliar  and it is nuts starting to grow.

 What a surprise and the tree is loaded.  Maybe the other trees have survived or there is another one in the neighborhood.  Looking forward to having my own hazelnuts.


On a perfect summer day in July, Thursday Spinners had what we hope will be an annual event.  It was held on Marti Ferguson’s beautiful  farm.   Set on hill overlooking part of the village of Buckland, the site couldn’t have been more perfect.  In the distance we could hear the baaing of her  Finn sheep and chicken sounds.  Both chemical and natural dyes were in abundance.     Amanda generously shared her Indigo dye pot and as always it was thrilling to see yarn come out of the pot  green and slowly turn to blue.







  There was painting on roving and yarns and pot dyeing.







It may look red but is orange and  it is perfect for Raggity Ann dolls hair.

 Other natural dyes were there for all to share.  

   A pot luck lunch with so many goodies to choose from was enjoyed by all.   I will keep putting pictures of the party on future blog.


Look for adventures in re doing a kitchen in a 1850 house.  Its exciting, scary and not pretty.  Many thanks for reading my blog on this overcast summer day.   Carole



1 07 2017


We have had typical summer weather hot and cold.  I have had to have the heated mattress pad on the past several night.  We will be getting rain through the weekend. they expect 3 inches or more.  My son got the last 20 bales of hay in the bar last night.

I am picking bouquets of  Yarrow on the roadside  and drying them for winter bouquets


What a beautiful two days full of visits with friends and new and old customers.  Saturday started off raining and cleared to be one of the most beautiful days. Wisby clouds and slight breezes.  New England at its best.  Thank you Sandy for holding such a wonderful event.


some of my booth at the fest


This winter I had a terrible rat infestation.   Many other farmers in the area had the same problems.  I won’t use poison so got my handy-dandy have a heart trap out and these rats have gone to college and figured out if they flipped the trap over they could get out.  I invested in a much larger and very clever trap and it worked.
This morning I went out to see if there was anything in it and all I could see is white.   A closer look revealed 2 baby skunks.  Adorable and very welcome here at the farm.  I unlocked the cage and one went reluctantly out and got into a bucket turned sideways , had a moment where he couldn’t figure how to get out and then he walked away.  The other one took more time to get out, i got some food and he ran out and got the food and went back into the cage and ate it!!!!  He finally came out and I talked to him. I want him to get familiar with my voice so if he remains here he will not be afraid of me. He tried to charge me but only went a couple of inches,  Then he went under the chicken coop where I expect he was born.


I will make sure and see my neighbor who killed and trapped and released all skunks that were here.  Because of his actions I now have thousands of dollars worth of damage done by the rats.  They ate through my front siding and some walls.  He was worried about grubs in his lawn.  I was totally disturbed that people like him could trap and kill animals.  In Massachusetts the law states if you trap them you have to kill them.  I am going to check out the law and see if there is a law that will protect me from the likes of him.  This is the country life we have all sorts of animals here you can’t disturb the balance of nature.

Anyway I am glad to have them back and hope they will stay.


Lil took ballet lessons this year.  She loved it and practiced lots.



Lil is in the middle


Her name is Opal and she is an Olde English.   She is in the house for th time being as she has the sneezing illness and I am working on curing it.  She is sweet and loving and could be a companion for Emma if Em would let her.  But Emma likes being by herself.  That really doesn’t work around here!

Many thanks for reading my blog on this hazy summer day.   Carole







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23 06 2017



Sandy Cardinal and her family have been hosting The Lavender Fest at her farm for many years.  It’s a free event.   Spend the day, walk the magnificent Labyrinth, visit the many vendors and have a delightful lunch.  Watch the Dove release later in the day.   There will be people spinning and some sheep too.

PLEASE leave your pets at home.



22 06 2017


The hot stiffleing weather is gone and we have had a couple of wonderful days  and cool sleeping nights.  Welcome rain for the crops came and went.  Summertime in New England.
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12 06 2017



Summer has truly arrived after what seemed like months of rain and chilly weather.  Temps in the 90’s again today.


My friend Jill and I went to see this movie last night. It was shown at our local movie house, Pot Hole Pictures in Shelburne Falls.  Most people there were farmers of some sort, and people interested in local food.  It was an amazing movie taking us on a delightful journey of local farms and farmers. We are loosing so many farms.  Its long hours, hard work and the pay per gallon of milk is less than it should be.  There are no vacations on farming but the people who milk love what they do.    There are things that each of us can do.  BUY LOCAL .  When you buy cheap milk you are getting what you pay for.  The milk is most likely produced on feed lot type farms with 500 or more cows.  They are not on  pasture and don’t have the wonderful lives that small dairy cows do.  In Massachusetts we can buy Our Family Farms or Organic Valley Milk.  Paying a few cents more will help ensure that family dairy farms remain in business.    

Something that I had not thought about is what happens to the community when a small dairy operation closes.  One of  the farmers on the show said they spend $250,000   on grain alone each year. It’s the trickle down theory.  It affects us all.                                                                               

This movie was educational in so many ways.  It gave each member of the audience something to think about.  Look for it at small local theaters  in Massachusetts and in the fall they plan to  have showings in local libraries.    Please share with family and friends about this it is so important for us.  Factory farming is going to be a thing of the past and I will be so glad.  The following is a list of screenings in the area


All the bird houses are getting filled up, soon new babies will be hatched.  Yesterday I saw a Chickadee with a large piece of wool in its mouth flying away.  Cozy nest-building


The jewel weed is the bane of my existence.  More and More every year.  I must pull  thousands.  Still a lot more to do.  I am using some of it in a Poison Ivy Salve though.

The garden is mostly in still a few more things to get in but it will be done soon.

Winter is never far away from my thoughts and I already have been gathering bags of sticks for starting the wood stove.  Winter clothes can be found hanging on the line and will be put away soon.



The roses are especially nice this year.



Many thanks for reading my blog on this hot summery day.    Carole

Winterberry Farm






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