Farmers Market – Spinning

21 07 2012


Today I went to 2 Farmers Markets, one in Edgewater and the other in New Smyrna Beach.

I do love visiting farmers markets in other towns.  Seeing local produce and products is always so interesting.  The picture on the side is  the New Smyrna Beach Spinners.  I was surprised and delighted to see ladies spinning.  They had a big tent full of spinning and knitting supplies and some wonderful soap.  The lady at the wheel raises alpaca’s nearby.

The market had handmade baskets from Africa, someone was playing the steel drums, it gave the place a real Caribbean feel.  There were people selling produce and jewelry, flowers and many other things.

Vern and  Fran from Chantilly Ridge alpacas  were close to the entrance and I had a wonderful chat with them.  I bought a ball of her black handspun alpaca yarn .  She said she was just learning to spin, you could have fooled me, it looked like she had been spinning for years.  It will add a colorful interest to one of the hats that I am knitting.

They have a farm which is a short ride from New Smyrna Beach and I hope to go there on my next visit to Florida.  They have just  opened a B&B and sell roving and yarn.  There were finished good there too.

Chris and I will be heading home tomorrow, he will get back to his life in Wayland and I will be back on the farm.  I miss the animals and hope that the blackberries are ripe.  The barn is full of hay now and I hope to get at least another 100 bales in August.   The summer is flying by.

Happy Day To You

Calendula, Comfry and Lavender Salve and Farmers Markets

15 07 2012


Yesterday I made Herbal Salve.  I started it in June in a gallon jar.  I filled the jar with one-third comfry leaves, one-third Calendula flowers and one-third of lavender buds.  Then It was  filled with the best quality virgin olive oil.  It then sat in the sun for  6 weeks.  You could leave it for a longer time but it needs to be in the sun for at least 6 weeks.  That gives enough time for the herbs to infuse into the olive oil.

When its ready you need to strain it through cheesecloth into a large pan.  Melting some bees-wax in  a double boiler.  Then  you need to add the two together at low heat and stir well.   I add lavender essential oil and stir well and pour.  Remember that bee’s wax and  oils are extremely flammable so you should not leave it un attended            This batch

should make approximately 48 jars but you can make smaller amounts.  Try

making some or purchase some from the farm or at the farmers market.

Shelburne Farmers Market

On Friday I went to the Farmers Market with my wool, soap and salve.  It was a blistering hot day.  The market is loaded with

interesting vendors.  Another woman and myself were spinning.  There were people selling mushrooms, handmade wooden bowls, lamb, ice cream, veggies and fruits of all kinds, wool, maple products, jewelry etc.

It is 2-6 on every Friday afternoon.  I will be at the market again on August 3rd.  Come and visit.  Oh I forgot that there was music all day.  What a delightful place.


This is a picture of morning glories growing on an old metal bed frame on the side garden.  Those morning glories have grown sturdier and bigger than the ones a short distance away on the chicken fence.  They was a lot of manure mixed in with the soil.  It made all the difference.

My Grandson Christopher and I are heading to Florida today.  My Mother is in assisted living there and had a fall this week.  We will be visiting her in the rehab center.  I will be blog from there.

Happy Day To You


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